Driver CPC Training

Driver CPC is a legal requirement for drivers of vehicles over 3.5 ton operating for a business. All drivers must have completed 35 hours of periodic training and be in possession of a Driver Qualification Card to drive for commerical puposes.

Training can be delivered on any two modules at a time to make up the seven hours training required for each training course.  This can either be delivered as one block, or as two half days providing that the second day begins within 24 hours of the previous days training finishing.

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Classroom based CPC Training - Courses Available

Driving Forward - 3.5 Hours 

Designed to be an introduction to CPC training explaining the scope of the CPC Regulations and their objectives also together with the basic core driving skills.

  • introduction into Driver CPC and who is covered by the regulations
  • driving for fuel economy
  • driving safely
  • The Highway Code
  • Personal Safety
  • driver walk round vehicle check – Why are they important and what VOSA expect.

Rules & Regulations - 3.5 Hours 

This is our most popular course as it covers the essential rules and regulations concerning driver hours, working time and the use of a tachograph

  • driving licences
  • Operator Licencing -  the drivers role
  • tachographs - analogue and digital. Including a practical demonstration of how to full operate a digital tachograph including making manual entries into the unit and switching to out of scope
  • driver hours regulations
  • working time regulations 

Delivering Safely  - 3.5 Hours

An introduction into Health & Safety from a driver’s perspective. The course is designed to change from a list of rules to thinking about how to reduce the risks to you.

  • basis Principles
  • safety on site - understanding and assessing the risks when visiting client sites
  • working at height – falls from height are a major cause of injuries to drivers even climbing into a cab of a modern commercial vehicle is working at height
  • manual handling• PPE - it’s use and care
  • hearing protection - deafness is a serious occupational risk to drivers  

Safety & Security Essentials - 3.5 Hours 

Takes a wider view of the Health & Safety course and includes the wider risks association with crime and driver fitness and weather.

  • rules of the road
  • driver fatigue & fitness to drive - a key issue in a significant number of accidents• driving in severe weather, planning and precautions - increasingly important as the climate becomes more extreme
  • security & crime prevention
  • truck crime  

Loading and Unloading - 3.5 hours

  • axle weights, effect and dangers
  • effect of load movement
  • bridge strikes, weight restrictions and signage
  • types of loads and loading systems
  • loading equipment - how and when to use
  • safety first - working at height and manual handling  

Delivering the Goods - 3.5 Hours

  • loading and unloading
  • securing the load
  • route planning, paperwork and records
  • dealing with the customer 

Know your Vehicle - 3.5 Hours

  • staying Legal – Documents – PMI Checks
  • fuel and lubricants – safety levels and tyres
  • windscreens wipers & washers, safety equipment and trailers connections
  • tyres
  • types of vehicles
  • gearboxes   

Driver Welfare -3.5 Hours

  • Driver Health – General conditions that affect the health
  • Stress – what is stress, the causes of stress and how to avoid stress
  • Alcohol and drugs
  • Night time driving and tiredness
  • Diet and dehydration

Road Traffic Accidents – first at the scene  -3.5 Hours

  • Arrive on Scene
  • Next Actions
  • Casualty Care and Dangers

Vunerable Road Users - 7 hours

  • Road users facts and figures regarding incidents with cyclists, motorcyclists, horse riders, pedestrians and car users
  • Assessing high risk areas, hazard perception, driver awareness, behaviour and vehicle positioning
  • What to do in the event of an accident, the drivers role, the police and penalties
  • Update personal plan
  • Consequences of an incident and who it affects.  Driver health and well being
  • Dynamic Risk assessments
  • Vehicle equipment/ checks/housekeeping.  Technology and over reliance.

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Driver CPC Exemptions

There are a number of Driver CPC exemptions associated with the Directive. These are listed below:

  • vehicles with a maximum speed not exceeding 45 KPH
  • vehicles used by the armed forces, civil defence, and emergency services
  • vehicles undergoing road tests for technical development, repair or maintenance
  • vehicles used in states of emergency
  • vehicles used in the course of driving lessons or examinations
  • vehicles used for non-commercial carriage of passenger or goods - for personal use
  • vehicles used for carrying material or equipment to be used by the driver in the course of his or her work, providing that driving the vehicles is not the drivers' principle activity

Legally it's the drivers responsibility to ensure they have a valid CPC, however many businesses are supporting their drivers now by providing suitable courses to meet CPC requirements. We can tailor these courses to suit each respective business so they meet the requirements of the CPC curriculum.

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Our Diverse Range of Clients include:

  • owner drivers to multi-national hauliers
  • national charities to Government enterprises
  • all sectors from food distribution & groundworks to art galleries & road management companies

Qualifications and Memberships

  • RSA Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC Holder)
  • Class One LGV licence with over 25 years practical experience
  • IOSH qualified (Institute of Occupational Safety & Health)
  • Graduate in Transport Management & Economics
  • Freight Transport Association
  • Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport
  • Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
  • Federation of Small Businesses
  • Driver CPC Training
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