How To Apply For An Operators Licence

As Operators Licence specialists we can help you obtain a licence by ensuring that you have professional advice and the support of our staff who are experienced in submitting applications. The first step is to check whether you need a licence by following the check list below. We have come across cases where operators either did not need a licence or have the wrong type of licence. 

Do I need an Operators Licence?

O license needed you use a vehicle over 3.5tonsYou need an operator’s licence to carry goods (or burden) connected with any trade or business if you operate, "USE" a motor vehicle on a road with a gross vehicle mass (weight) of over 3,500 Kg (3.5 tons).

You may also need an operators licence if you are using a vehicle up to 3.5 tons, are pulling a trailer and are operating for hire or reward.  For further details on trailer regulations click here.

We can support you in your application by managing the process for you. This will include checking the documentation,assistance with completing the form and progress chasing to granting. We can arrange the statutory advert through our experienced media specialists. The fee for this work is £250. If you wish us to undertake this work please contact us.

What Type of licence do you need?

  • A Restricted Operators Licence - to operate vehicles within the EEC as long as you are only carrying your own goods. The main advantage of this type of licence is that there is no requirement to employ a transport manager with a CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) and the financial resources that need to be in place are less. However as the operator must maintain the same standards as an unrestricted licence holder it is advisable to have access to professional advice
  • A Standard National Operators Licence - to operate on a "hire and reward" basis (charge for the transport of goods not owned) within the UK
  • An International Operators Licence - to operate on a "hire and reward" basis (charge for the transport of goods not owned) within the EEC


  • CPC holder - not required for a restricted licence
  • Operating Centre - if not owned or leased you need, permission to park from the owner or landlord.
  • A Statutory Notice you must advertise your operating centre inviting objections about the operating centre - the wording of the notice is detailed in form GV79 and must advertised in a newspaper which is in free circulation in the area of the operating centre
  • Maintenance Requirements - either details of in house maintenance or a signed agreement to maintain the vehicles including a copy of the inspection sheet to be used
  • Finances - 28 days original bank statements demonstrating access to sufficient funds to maintain the fleet 

For more information or advice please call us on 01275 390001 or e-mail or click here.

The Application Process

The application process can be long winded and frustrating. DVSA (Driver and Vehicel Standards Agency) operate to very strict standards and return a significant percentage of applications received due to errors and omissions resulting in significant delays in the licence being granted and you being able to operate. In the worst case it can also be very costly and the statutory advert can be rejected and as a result the application fee lost. Click here for a brief guide to the requirements information sheet.  

The applicant must complete a GV79 application form which is available from your Area Traffic Office, or online at and send it to the Traffic Commissioner’s Office in Leeds along with the documentation detailed above. It is vital that the application form is fully completed and all the supporting documentation is enclosed and accurate otherwise the application will be delayed or returned. 

DVSA recommend that you apply ten weeks before you need the licence. If a quick decision is needed an interim licence can be applied for at an additional cost and it assumes that there will be no problems with the application. As Vehicle Operator licence specialists we 

  1. check to ensure that you need a licence and what type is required
  2. supply you with all the forms and templates you require
  3. help you complete the application form by advising what Vosa require
  4. ensure that the statutory advert is in the correct format and advertised correctly
  5. check the application is correct and complete before it is sent to Vosa in a similar way to how the Post Office checks passports.
  6. follow up and progress chase your application with DVSA
  7. can supply assist in finding a Transport Manager if required.

We charge a fixed fee with no additional charges – Please note that this does not include the statutory DVSA fees or cost of the advert which are charged at cost.  


There are a series of fees which apply throughout the application process.

  • an application fee of £257 is required with the submission of the GV79 Application Form. An average application will take around 10 to 12 weeks
  • however this can be reduced to around 6 weeks if an application is made for an interim licence but this is subject to an additional £68
  • when the licence is granted a further licence fee is required which is a one off payment of £401 for a five year period.

Once your licence is granted we can help set up the management control systems required to maintain compliance with the regulators and train your staff.

For more information on how we can help you solve and manage your transport problems call us on 01275 390001,
or contact us here

Our Diverse Range of Clients include:

  • owner drivers to multi-national hauliers
  • national charities to Government enterprises
  • all sectors from food distribution & groundworks to art galleries & road management companies

Qualifications and Memberships

  • RSA Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC Holder)
  • Class One LGV licence with over 25 years practical experience
  • IOSH qualified (Institute of Occupational Safety & Health)
  • Graduate in Transport Management & Economics
  • Freight Transport Association
  • Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport
  • Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
  • Federation of Small Businesses
  • Driver CPC Training
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