Support for Restricted Operators

Many restricted operators fall foul of  DVSA due to ignorance but this is no defence. The problem is that restricted operators are not required to employ a qualified transport manager (CPC holder) but are required to comply with the same regulations to the same standards. It is not surprising that many fail.

Audit and advice services give operators access to professional management advice without the cost of employing a transport manager full time. “Audit and advice” services will give you and your staff unlimited advice on Operators Licence regulations, drivers hours and tachograph regulations as well as support with key operational issues such as fuel management and we undertake regular audits of your records to ensure that you are complying with the regulations. 

This enables you and your current staff to run the day to day transport operation with an experienced transport manager available to you as and when you need advice or assistance. Our objective is to ensure that you comply with the regulations. We do go the extra mile, if we find an issue we will help rectify this by retraining or assisting with any other action required. Giving support to the front line staff enabling the senior managers to focus on the core business safe in the knowledge transport is being monitored.

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Request a copy of the undertakings made by the company and its directors when applying for your Operator licence click here for information 

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