Operator, Control Staff and Driver TrainingTraining is about results

Making sure your staff know the regulations, know why they are important and know what you expect of them.  

We guarantee our training, if your staff do not understand we will do it again for free!!!

Ignorance is no defence as a “licensed operator”, you UNDERTAKE, to make proper arrangements so that all the undertakings of the licence are fully maintained and complied with”. The first is ensuring that operators know what their obligations are. 

A driver who has received proper training should be able to:

  • drive more safely than a driver who has not received proper training;
  • work more efficiently than a driver who has not received proper training;
  • make risk assessments and understand risk management;
  • provide good customer service;
  • and contribute to your transport business’s positive image  

DVSA - The safe operator’s guide - click here to view   

Our trainers are professional managers with years of practical experience enabling them to explain complex regulations in practical terms.

We check that people are using real life example question and answer sessions and quizs. 

We give you a copy of the course material and attendance records to enable you to demonstrate what the staff were taught.

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Support for Restricted Operators

Our audit and advice services give operators access to professional management advice without the cost of employing a full-time transport manager. Standard and international operators are required to employ the service of a CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) holder as Transport Manager, restricted operators are not. It is therefore not surprising that many fall foul of the regulations due to ignorance, but this is no defence in law. 

“Audit and advice” gives the operator and their staff unlimited advice

  • on O licence
  • drivers hours and tachograph regulations  
  • support with key operational issues such as fuel management
  • we undertake audits of your records to ensure that you are complying with the regulations.

This enables your current staff to run the day to day transport operation with an experienced transport manager on hand. Our objective is to ensure that you comply with the regulations. We will go the extra mile.  If we find an issue we will help rectify this by retraining and giving support to the front line staff enabling the senior managers to focus on the core business, safe in the knowledge transport is being monitored.

Driver hours & Tachograph Compliance Training

Many operators are not aware that DVSA expect operators to ensure that their drivers are aware of the driver regulations.

Quote from the Goods practice guide 

“Training should cover all aspects of drivers’ work, and you should put a system/procedure in place for each separate duty carried out. We recommend that you set out each system/ procedure in an operations instruction manual so that everybody, from driver and trainer through to top management, knows exactly what procedure needs to be carried out for each item and can refer to it at any time.” DVSA The safe operator’s guide   

Our course supported by the training record and course information more than just ticks the box as

  • we focus on the issues that your drivers are struggling with by undertaking an analysis of the drivers tachographs prior to the training to ensure that your drivers can use the tachographs that are fitted to your truck
  • we use tachograph simulators as part of our presentations
  • we give each driver a summary of the drivers hours regulations and a operators guide for the tachograph fitted to their vehicle which can be added to your staff handbook  
  • we provide you with a full set of training records and details of the course that puts the final tick in the box enabling you as the operator to demonstrate you have met your obligations
  • we can arrange further analysis of the drivers tachographs to demonstrate the improvement in performance.


Mentoring is very effective in the develop of management skills and confidence in support of technical training. Mentoring works because the mentoree benefits from years of practical experience whilst addressing real life situations in your business while the business gains from the having the view of an expereinced manager witness the issue first hand.   

Call us on 01275 390001 or e-mail us to discuss your needs
- we will design the programme to meet you need 

Our Diverse Range of Clients include:

  • owner drivers to multi-national hauliers
  • national charities to Government enterprises
  • all sectors from food distribution & groundworks to art galleries & road management companies

Qualifications and Memberships

  • RSA Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC Holder)
  • Class One LGV licence with over 25 years practical experience
  • IOSH qualified (Institute of Occupational Safety & Health)
  • Graduate in Transport Management & Economics
  • Freight Transport Association
  • Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport
  • Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development
  • Federation of Small Businesses
  • Break.org.uk
  • Driver CPC Training
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