Ian Dodd

I’m Ian Dodd, Managing Director and Principal Consultant of Transport Management Solutions.

I’ve worked in the transport and distribution industry for 30 years, from a Traffic Supervisor, Transport Manager and Operations Manager to General Manager and Director. I’ve even gained practical experience by taking my Class 1 HGV and worked briefly as a driver. This, in particular, has helped me to ‘walk in the shoes’ of the people I now help, putting this knowledge and experience into running Transport Management Solutions.

When asked about what we do, I often use the business analogy of a three legged stool. If leg 1 is the core product/service, and leg 2 is leadership, then leg 3 is about management (i.e. systems, controls, and processes). This third leg is less obvious yet tends to be a point of weakness for small businesses but where professional help can make all the difference. This is where TMS comes in. For me, the third leg represents compliance and is what we stand up for. I strongly believe that any business can be both compliant and profitable and that these are not mutually exclusive. The key is simple practical systems, well trained staff and maintaining controls.

When I founded Transport Management Solutions, I wanted to be different from the consultants I’d come across in the industry. To use another analogy, I believe that we should not teach you to tell the time,and then take the clock away and charge you for looking at it but, instead, give you the tools and support to do it for yourself.

Over my career, I’ve had enough experience to see where compliance can be effective and where it can have serious legal, reputational and human consequences. For these reasons I’m absolutely passionate about your business remaining safe, legal and successful.

Therefore, if you (or someone you know) has a transport regulation or related issue, or would like to discuss fleet efficiency, please get in touch today.

I look forward to helping your businesses.