How To Apply For An Operators Licence

We help you obtain a licence, ensuring that you have professional advice and the support of our staff who are experienced in submitting applications. The first step is to check whether you need a licence and the type of licence most applicable to your business.

Do I need an Operators Licence?

You need an operators licence if you:

Operate (use) a vehicle with a gross vehicle mass (weight) of over 3,500 Kg (3.5 tons) to carry goods connected with any trade or business.

You may also need an Operators Licence if the combined weight of both the vehicle and the trailer is in excess of 3,500kg (3.5 tons) and is used for hire and reward operations.

For further details on trailer regulations click here.

What type of licence do you need?

  • Restricted Operators Licence - to operate vehicles within the EEC as long as you are only carrying your own goods

  • A Standard National Operators Licence - to operate on a hire and reward basis (charge for the transport of goods not owned) within the UK

  • An International Operators Licence - to operate on a "hire and reward" basis (charge for the transport of goods not owned) within the EEC


All operators

  • Operating Centre, a place to park the vehicles when not in use.

  • Provision for maintenance, either in-house or an external commercial vehicle maintenance contractor (click here for further details)

  • Evidence of financial standing, 28 days original bank statements demonstrating access to sufficient funds to maintain the fleet - click here for more information

For more information or advice please contact us.

Standard National and Standard International Operators

  • A suitably qualified transport manager holding either a National Freight CPC qualification or an International Freight CPC qualification. This can be outsourced to an external transport manager (click here)

Please contact us. if you would like assistance in sourcing a transport manager.

The Application Process

The regulators operate to very strict standards and can return your application if it is not complete or if there are omissions.  This can result in delays to the licence being granted and you being able to operate. Click here for a brief guide to the requirements .

The applicant must complete either a GV79 application form or apply online and provide the statutory advert and financial evidence; this is where we can assist by ensuring that all the information is correct and submitted within the required timescales.

We charge a fixed fee with no additional charges other than those detailed below.


  • cost of a statutory advert, which will vary depending on the publication

  • an application fee of £257 is required with the submission of the application

  • interim fee of £68 if you wish to apply for an earlier decision rather than wait for the full grant

  • licence grant fee of £401 for a five year period

Once your licence is granted we can help set up the management control systems required to maintain compliance with the regulations.

For more information click here