Fleet Management

For the majority of businesses the vehicle fleet is one of the highest costs and greatest  risks.

1 in 3 of all of work-related accidental deaths
results from work-related road accidents

(Source Health & Safety Executive)

The continuing increase in fuel costs and insurance premiums puts pressure on operators and the requirement for a better margin has developed a vast industry with a bewildering array of different products claiming wonders.

Fleet management is about

  • controlling and reducing operating costs

  • risk management

  • controlling the behaviour of staff (drivers) who are remote due to the very nature of driving. We believe drivers' education, backed up by monitoring systems, enable managers to focus on the expectations and not be swamped by the masses of data, using the 80/20 rule ie 80% of the saving from 20% of the worst offenders.

What can you expect from a fleet management programme?

  • A 15% saving in fuel cost plus a 5% reduction in insurance costs has been achieved from a “managed” system. More realistically, and what we recommend clients use for cost benefit analysis, is 8% to 10% saving on fuel and the ability to hold the insurance premiums at current levels as opposed to the 20% increases which are the industry norm.

How we help

  • Dedicated Project Manager – who will select the right products and suppliers and coordinate the process, ensuring that suppliers have tried and tested, compatible products

Why we use associates

  • Experience - You are assured of the best product for your needs, supplied by experts. Our associates have been chosen because of their experience with previous clients and their ability to work together to deliver the results you require.

What services are available?

Driving Licence Checks

It is every employer’s responsibility, irrespective of industry or size to check that all employees who drive on company business hold a correct and valid driving licence. Since the abolition of the paper counterpart, employers now have to check the driver’s record at the DVLA instead of relying on this paper document – which many did in the past. DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) expect licences to be checked at least every six months.

We offer an internet-based product that will:

  • Validate every UK driving licence in your fleet

  • Provide detailed licence data

  • Show what entitlements each driver holds

  • Notify you of the driver's status

  • Show current endorsements and how many points are on each licence

Fleet Administration System

Our fleet management software, provided by one of our partners, is easy to use, with a cloud-based, flexible user interface which gives structure and support you can rely on.

The system enables your business to handle your fleet tasks efficiently, whilst embedding a robust audit trail to underpin your legal requirements; a traffic light alert system keeps you up to date with your tasks.

This is an easy to use data system for drivers and vehicles, including document storage and a full reporting system.

Vehicle Tracking 

Tracking systems are increasingly commonplace as the costs have reduced.

They provide information on the location and routes vehicles have taken enabling them to be used to monitor speed amongst other things.

Tracking is also very useful in refuting third party insurance claims.

On Board Vehicle Monitoring

Vehicle monitoring systems monitor fuel consumption and the driver behaviour, including the things which affect it such as engine idling, harsh braking, fast cornering etc.

In addition, monitoring such events can improve driver behaviour and has a positive effect on accident rates and the wear and tear on vehicles.

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