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"I would like to express my appreciation in the way you brought a swift and effective solution to what we thought would be a long drawn out and bureaucratic process. Not only was it painless for me, my manager and administrators but your methods of explanation has made it absolutely clear to all staff what our responsibilities are and also what rests with them, which we were all unaware of.

We are confident that we are now compliant with these regulatory requirements regarding driving whilst on company business and can relax in the knowledge that you are available should any dispute or need for advise arise."

Andy Nottingham, Managing Director, 
Project Graphics,

"We first approached Ian Dodd of Transport Management Solutions a year ago when as the result of Terrafirma Roadways falling victim to negative service from a series of vehicle maintenance contractors we found ourselves facing a Public inquiry. Ian took time to understand the details of the issues and was sensitive to the fact that we tried to work within the regulations. This along with his knowledge of “O” licence regulations and good practice was a great help to all of us at Terra Firma and a support to our legal team.

I believe that Ian’s submission at the inquiry was a key element in achieving a favourable result as he was able to show that we had suffered the effects of poor service despite our diligence.

We have retained Ian’s services as a Transport Consultant and auditor. In this role he has reviewed our procedures and under taken a training programme for the company’s drivers. The improvement in performance were such that we achieved 100% compliance to the regulations in a recent VOSA audit which undertaken by the same officer that initiated the pubic Inquiry. This enabled us to apply and be granted an increase in the number of vehicles we are licenced to operate, which is vital if we are to take advantage of the opportunity we have to increase our business.

Ian has a rare mix of knowledge of the regulations and understanding of the reality of running a fleet and a business. "

Hugh Robertson, Managing Director, 
Terrafirma Roadways,

"M & A Birmingham is a family owned and operated haulage business. Transport Management Solutions was recommended to us following an unsuccessful public inquiry appearance.

Ian Dodd, the Principle Consultant had an approach that was thorough, professional and supportive particularly in the case of my father who had to give evidence in English, which is not his first language. The confident way my father gave his evidence in the second inquiry, and new system Ian both developed for us and encouraged us to put in place, went a long way to us keeping our licence under special measures while we proved ourselves. We were happy to take the commissioners’ advice to use the support from a specialist consultant such as Mr Dodd.

For the last six months we have followed the simple system Ian showed us and we now meet the standards of the licence. Ian is always supportive, his solutions and recommendations are simple and do not take a lot of extra effort. We are now at the end of our period of special measures and are considering increasing the size of our fleet. We will continue to use TMS to ensure that we continue to meet the standards of the licence.

I have already recommended TMS to a friend and would do so again without hesitation"

ISSamra, Director, M&A Birmingham

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