The breathtaking cost of Clean Air Zones

With environmental issues high on the agenda, the quality of the air we breathe - particularly in our towns and cities - has quite rightly come under scrutiny. But in a bid to address pollution, have some basic economic principles been overlooked that could undermine progress?

Are your tachograph records complete?

Too often the answer is no. A case in point was a small operator I audited this week who operated 3, 44-ton tractor units for major container companies. The owner had been driving one of the vehicles as well as undertaking minor repairs on the vehicle following safety inspections. 

Why Directors should audit their transport function

The conviction and imprisonment of Matthew Gordon, the owner of the business in the Bath lorry trial was just the late confirmation that directors are personally legally responsible for the Operators Licence and the safe operation of the vehicles in a similar way the breach of  Health & Safety regulations has been for many years. 

Warning all Scaffolders

DVSA are fining Scaffolders for operating open back vehicles.

We have just been informed about a Scaffolder who operates in Dorset who has been fined £100 for operating a scaffolding vehicle with an open back (no tail gate). 

The DVSA has updated their guide to load securing: vehicle operator guidance on (7/7/15) See below. It is important that Scaffolders review their systems to ensure they comply

Sanctions by French authorities on drivers of double manned vehicles

I have just completed some research for a client regarding the situation in France and whether it applied to the UK. As can be seen from the FTA and the IRU (International Road Freight Union) announcements detailed below it only “applies” to France and it is questionable whether they are acting legally.   We will be watching development with interest.

 Ian Dodd

 Managing Director and Principal Consultant