How TMS kept Bishop's Move on the move

It’s no easy task keeping up with perpetual change in the transport industry, and in particular making others aware of regulatory compliance and its importance.


Defective Defect Reports - and how to avoid them

I never fail to be surprised by what I come across in my line of work. It’s a recurring theme of these features.


Take Driver Defect Reports for example.


As a Transport Compliance Auditor, I still find it astonishing how few Transport Managers check the quality of Driver Defect Reports, instead allowing drivers to conduct these with a tick-box mentality which pays lips service to this vital area of fleet control.


Never too late for an Audit Resolution

We’re already one month into 2020 so a moment of honesty…


By now there’s a fair chance that several new year’s resolutions will have been quietly discarded or put on hold. I think we’re all in the same boat on that one.


Another way of assessing how far those promises made on January 1st have come to fruition is by asking what feels different so far this year, whether in your personal or business life.


Tailored support key to a concrete relationship

As someone who has brought Transport Management Solutions into the heart of their organisation, Andy McEvoy is well-placed to vouch for the quality of support offered by Ian Dodd and positive impact he’s had on the business.


The devil is in the detail

Too often I see in my role the consequences of companies not keeping an eye on the detail of their transport operations which, whilst seemingly innocuous, can have serious repercussions down the line. And simply having ‘the paperwork’ still may not be enough to satisfy the DVSA.


No surprise then that an update last week from the Office of the Traffic Commissioner on this very subject caught my eye.


A cautionary tale with a happy ending: TMS keeping clients on the road

“It was a difficult time, potentially devastating. But now we have greater confidence and knowledge.”


For Steve and Carol who run a small Oxfordshire haulage business, it was daunting enough just to have the DVSA turn up and do an inspection. But when that visit generated a report to the Traffic Commissioner, and subsequent Public Inquiry appearance, livelihoods were suddenly on the line.


Don't give hindsight the power to remove your Operator's Licence

Hindsight’s a powerful thing. It’s an old cliché but still holds true, and one that I see time and time again in my work with transport operators.


For example, I recently spent a day with a client. They’re a lovely couple who are unfortunately now facing the possibility of losing their Operator's Licence, and with it their business and livelihood. “If only we had come to you a year ago,” they told me. “We didn’t know there were people like you out there.”